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Creating the Foundations of Generational Wealth

Conscious Crypto

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Check out what these students had to say

“Thank you! That was exactly what I needed. You explain things in a way that is easy to understand. Also, I  do love the esoteric bits thrown in. It's one of the reasons I was drawn to you in the first place!- Laurie 

“The class was very good and way more in depth than I anticipated.  Please add me to the list for any of the next classes you are offering” - Toni 

"Seriously, you are one of my favorite souls incarnated on the planet right now, and just want you to know the huge impact I am certain you are aware you are having." - Donovan 

This student was offered to teach others and setup crypto at his work! -->

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A High Support Coaching Program to Achieve Your Goals

Makes it super easy!

This is how it goes

STEP 1: Learning the Fundamentals

STEP 2: Programming Your Mind For Success


STEP 3: Purchasing and sovereignly Storing Your Crypto


STEP 4: Using small exchanges to find those Hidden Gem Cryptos with big ROI 


STEP 5: Setting up Passive Income Streams with defi

  • Learn to use a vast array of wallets and exchanges like Dcent, Xumm, Bifrost, Bitrue and Lobstr to get in early on small projects

  • Learn the Fundamentals of reading charts and investing mindset


  • Make passive income while doing nothing with defi projects like stellar (XLM), Songbird/Flare (SGB), and free $$ through the Sologenic and Coreum ecosystems

  • Learn my Exact investment strategy!

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